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I'm proud of being Ukrainian!

Hi guys! This post I decided to write in English so a wider range of readers could understand me. 
This post is not about policy, it is about a mentality. Ukrainian mentality.

November 21 will be a remarkable date in Ukrainian history. About a year ago public protests has begun demanding closer European Integration. But it wasn't actually only for that. Ukrainians were sick and tired of their politicians, corruption, unfair justice and being controlled by other 'superior' countries. Ukrainians wanted to show that the nation with great history will never stand on her knees. 
Now we are in the state of war, but this war is for independence. For getting a real freedom and independence from other countries. We want to be an independent, democratic, advanced country. 
I'm proud that I'm Ukrainian. I'm proud of my history.  I'm proud that I was born and live in the country where still there are men who will protect their families and Motherland. 

So I tried to make today's look special and wore my mother's shawl. It is a traditional Ukrainian hustka with flowers, leaves and fringe. Also my outfit made a leather jacket from www.stylemoi.nu and leather-cotton pants from www.choies.com.

Ukrainian Fashionista(c)

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